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Preparation and publication of Annual Financial Statements



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  • Accounting services:
  • Preparing a chart of accounts according to the specific company’s business;
  • Developing of accounting policies;
  • Establishing of primary accounting documents;
  • Treating the accounting records of the licensed software;
  • Establishment a schedule of tax and accounting depreciation;
  • Preparing of books and references VAT returns;
  • Preparation of VIES declarations;
  • Filling intrastate declarations and records;
  • Completing a declaration under the Local Taxes and Fees;
  • Filling patent declarations for individuals and sole proprietors ;
  • Filling of returns and reports to the Bulgarian National Bank;
  • Preparation of annual and periodic reports National statistical institute;
  • Filling of requests for issuance of documents by the National tax agency;
  • Preparation of annual tax returns for individuals and legal entities;
  • Filling in reference to individuals who have received income other than employment during the year;


Positive Ltd. is accounting office, which are providing accounting service, tax and business consults and virtual office to small, midlle and big companies.

We have the needed knowledge, experience and resources to be an indispensable part of prosperity of your business.

Providing our services, Positive Ltd. exempt its customers from maintain the Accountingdepartment and Payroll department, recruitment of additional specialist (accountants) and buying expensive accounting software.

Our goal is to provide quality and timely services by the help of our trained professionals.